mom18.jpg (18026 bytes)Mansions of the Moon Tarot Deck by ZADOK

A collage, pen & oil pastel deck of 22 major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The deck contains Cabalistic, Wiccan, Biblical & Mythical imagery - yet it still holds to the traditional interpretation of the Tarot. The name of this deck was derived from the Great Mystical Ruler of the night sky. The Moon has many mansions of mystical forces and beauty that play an important role in all life forms. The moon is our closest neighbor in the universe as our Mother Earth hangs on nothing. ZADOK

Major Arcana

The cards in this wonderful deck measure 3 3/8" X 5 9/16". The art is beautiful and makes use of many collage and multi-media techniques. The colors are intense and the artist is able to combine many different images into a cohesive whole. The backs are yellow with a moon and stars pattern stamped on.



The Fool: Unaware of the danger behind him all eyes are upon the Fool. Choice of paths.

The High priestess: Comb. Wiccian symbols, Biblical: Scrolls of the Law not fully revealed. Jachin & Boaz pillars of King Solomon's Temple.

The  Empress: Traditional Fertility.

The Emperor: Egyptian Pharaoh. Authority

The Hierophant:Mainly traditional.

The Lovers: Adam, Eve, the Serpent, Lilith in the Foreground With wild beast & the Screech Owl. The Book of Ezekiel. The screeching = Ancient Hebrew for the word Lilith.

The Chariot: The rise to higher realms. An undefeated card in any position.

Strength : A biblical reference to a time that the Lamb will dwell with wild beasts. Peace. Strength to get above the mundane.

The Hermit: The prophet Elijah being fed by the ravens. YHWH was not in the fire, the wind, or the earthquake,  YHWH came in a still small voice.

Wheel of fortune: Daily iving affecting our bodies.

Justice: Mostly traditional

The Hanged Man: The crucifixion of Jesus Christ & The burning of an accused Witch. Horrible & inhumane torture in the name of religion.

Death: Azrael Angel of Death. The pale horse of Revelations - The pottery be broken & the silver cord be severed. Mostly Biblical.

Temperance: Traditional

The Devil: Lucifer. For he is able to transform himself into an angel of light. Biblical.

The Tower: Fall of Nimrod. Tower of Babel.

The Star: Traditional.

The Moon: The Three faced goddess Hecate & her association with the Moon.

The Sun Traditional images

Judgement:As a tree falleth. Most cards display resurrection. Judgement comes after resurrection.

The World Mainly traditional images.

The Magickian: Mainly traditional symbols. Spelling - Crowley's spelling to separate stage magicians from ceremonial Magicians

1999 ZADOK.


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