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     In search of a truly refreshing tarot deck?  If so, check out THE INNER CHILD CARDS by Isha and Mark Lerner.  This deck is comprised of 78 jumbo sized cards based on fairy tales that everyone is familiar
with ( Hansel and Gretel are the Lovers , and Peter pan is the Chariot).  These cards are brightly colored
and take on a personality all their own.

     This is a great deck to use when reading for children or those who may otherwise be hesitant to use
one of the traditional decks.  The Death and Devil cards, probably the two most feared cards of the tarot,
are portrayed by Sleeping Beauty and The Big Bad Wolf respectively, therefore not causing alarm to those
unfamiliar with their symbolism.

     This deck is original with its representations and set up.  The Major Arcana are scenes of fairy
tales, whereas the court cards are characters ( such as Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz.  Also, the Minor
Arcana suits are magic Wands, swords of truth, winged hearts, and earth crystals.  The deck is packaged with
a large hard covered reference book that offers background on each fairy tale and extensive
descriptions of the characters which appear. 

     The Inner Child cards are wonderful for tarot collectors, as the illustrations are vivid and
energetic.  While I do not regularly use these cards for readings, I have found that I was able to learn
quite a bit more about the tarot and it  symbols by reading how the creators attributed the various fairy
tales to the traditional representations.  I highly encourage all tarot enthusiasts to consider purchasing
this deck for variety and added insight.

If you would like to purchase this deck, click here.

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