conno.jpg (13498 bytes)The Connolly Tarot Deck             Review by Michele Jackson
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This deck is designed by Tarot author Eileen Connolly and drawn by her son, Peter. Connolly has made major changes to the symbolism of this deck, though she did seem to try to convey the Waite-Smith or “Traditional” meanings in her deck. If you can read with the Waite-Smith deck, you should have little difficulty reading with this one. Connolly has made some changes to the major Arcana. Death has been changed to “Transformation” and The Devil has been changed to “Materialism”. The symbolism on the other Majors has been changed as well. The Fool for example, is shown standing in the middle of a crossroads, vice on the cliff; The woman in Strength is seated on a brick fence with the Lion standing behind her and the lemniscate in the sky above them both; The Hermit is shown handing off a torch to a man below him; The Star shows a young man, vice a young woman; The Moon shows a couple looking at the moon, The Sun is encircled with cherubs; Judgment shows a couple, obviously at odds and The woman in The World is not dancing. The scenes in the Minors have been re-interpreted artistically, but the meanings remain traditional. The suit of Swords has been toned down. There is no bloodshed or violence to women depicted anywhere in this deck.
The art is very good. The colors are bright and vibrant and there is lots of detail. My only complaint about the art is the facial expressions on most of the people. They look bored or indifferent for the most part. I even like the backs, which are deeply veined white marble.
Connolly currently has two Tarot books on the market: “Tarot: A New Handbook for the Apprentice” and “Tarot: The Handbook for the Journeyman”. The Handbook for the Apprentice is available in two versions, one illustrated with the Waite-Smith deck and one illustrated with Connolly’s own deck. A third, "The Handbook for the Master" is due to be released soon. Her Tarot books have a strong Christian slant, with prayers and meditations.
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Connolly Tarot Deck
ISBN: 0-88079-437-6
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