Inner Child Cards Review by C.J. Rose
by Isha and Mark Lerner, illustrated by Christoper Guilfoil
pub by Bear & Company, 1992

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non-traditional card titles
eight: Beauty and the Beast; eleven: The Midas Touch
suits are magic wands, winged hearts, swords of truth and earth crystals
courts are child, seeker, guide and guardian
illustrated pips, no captions
backs symmetrical
purpose: Six of Wands
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This deck relates the trumps to these fairy tales:
0: Little Red Cap
1: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
2: The Fairy Godmother
3: Mother Goose
4: The Emperors New Clothes
5: The Wizard
6: Hansel and Gretel
7: Peter Pan
8: Beauty and the Beast
9: Snow White
10: Alice in Wonderland
11: The Midas Touch
12: Jack and the Beanstalk
13: Sleeping Beauty
14: The Guardian Angel
15: The Big Bad Wolf
16: Rapunzel
17: Wishing Upon a Star
18: Cinderella
19: The Yellow Brick Road
20: The Three Little Pigs
21: The Earth Child
The courts are assigned as follows, The Little Prince, Dorothy, The Pied Piper, and
Raphael; Goldilocks, The Tin Man, The Good Fairy, and Gabrielle; Pinocchio, The
Scarecrow, Robin Hood, and Michael; Huck Finn, The Cowardly Lion, St. Nicholas, and
Gaia. The Foreword says, Like art and also like philosophy, a Tarot system is a
reflection of an epoch, and era in human history. In this way, the Tarot is a hall
of mirrors for the times of our lives. It reveals the formation of a human culture
and the multiple phases of its own transformation and growth. At a time when people
run the risk of losing their imaginations (and their incumbent souls) to excessive
television and mass-media advertising, we have (here) a soulful return to the
Euro-American roots of fairy tales.

The authors know what they are doing. In addition to exploring the traditional
myths of these fairy tales, they have ventured into the future by creating a new
mythos, symbolized by the portrayal of the last card in their deck. Traditionally
called The World, their Earth Child encapsulates the entire journey of the Major
Arcana in one card, bringing together the end with the beginning as a celebration of
the galactic time of our true spiritual origins souls struggling to be born and to
embody the human condition.

The Minor Arcana assigns the four traditional suits to faeries, mermaids, children on
adventures and gnomes. The card which would have a word with us now is the Six of
Magic Wands, in which six little people dance around a Maypole. "The significance of
the Maypole dance was to honor the fertile season of spring. The dance, which
spiraled around the pole with ribbons and flowers, was an acknowledgment of the
sacred womb of humanity. These rites of passage or holy times are meant to be
harbingers of unity and to strengthen the well-being of the community. They also
serve to expand global consciousness and cross-cultural awareness.

The faery maidens in this card are bringing forth their song and dance to usher in
not only spring, but the fertility of their creative powers. They are honoring the
apex of a jubilant new consciousness that is blossoming before them. This is a time
to express your passionate side and realize that you are a vital part of the
continually moving circle of life.

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Review Copyright 1998 C.J. Rose

Images Copyright 1992 by Isha Lerner and Mark Lerner

Inner Child Cards
ISBN: 0-939680-95-5
Publisher: Bear & Co.

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