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This deck by Elizabeth Hazel (Vala) was started during Yule 1995. Hand-rendered in crowquill pen and India ink, the intention of this deck is twofold: to provide a working deck for working readers; and to modify the symbolic contents of the Waite-Smith and Crowley tarots into a pleasing, colorful format without strict reliance on traditional correspondences. After 30 years of working with tarot and a decade as a professional reader, the artist has sought to create a tarot that captures the core meanings of the cards with a fresh, expressive symbolism that stimulates intuitive capabilities for deriving meaning and possibility. The hope for the Vala Tarot is to provide a deck suitable for frequent, on-your-toes readings for others, such as may be needed at psychic fairs or other events that stretch a reader's capabilities to the fullest. This style of reading requires a talkative deck with immediately accessible messages.

The fully illustrated 78-card Vala Tarot is in the process of being colorized (by hand, of course) with Prismacolor double-tipped markers and colored pencils. Liz hopes to have a great portion (maybe all) colorized and reproduced for viewing at the July '99 Tarot Congress in Chicago. She continues to seek a publisher for this tarot deck. Please direct questions and comments to Liz at



THE SUN: Vitality, potency. The warrior has succeeded in his labor. He has learned to use his tools - his wit and his sword - to defeat the great serpent. Hate and poisonous emotions are defeated through love, shown by the heart above the Sun. This card means success in areas shown by surrounding cards; recognition and fruitful partnerships. Reversed: the will is thwarted, or is locked in inertia because of fear. Loss of reputation, possiblevala14.jpg (38075 bytes) loss of life or life-threatening situations with harsh neighbor cards.


TEMPERANCE: An angel pours both fire and water over a human emerging from the waters of rebirth. Life, thought, and awareness are in a state of heightened evolution. A state of inspiration. Peak experiences transform the individual and define the identity. Learning about the self through change and outward reaching. Reversed: devolution - failing to evolve. May manifest as meeting life lessons with anger, obstinate attitude, a refusal to grow. Miscalculations, temper tantrums.

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QUEEN OF WANDS: A vibrant queen, garbed in flame. The fires at her feet dance but do not burn her - she is in control of the element. Her hands reach upward into the leafy boughs, showing her fertile mind and power to manifest her creations. The birch tree roots reach down into the earth and are transformed into dragons, showing her access to the wisdom of history and lore. The 11 spikes on her headdress represent mastery of the will. A dynamic woman, energetic and loyal, however does not continue associations without benefit. Leadership abilities, charismatic presence. Reversed: temperamental woman, managing or bossy. Misuse of personal power or other people's status for own ends. Self-serving, inconsiderate of needs of others. Act in haste, bad timing.

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SIX OF CUPS: A gentle knight rides a swan in a lagoon, while a woman emerges from the water and contemplates a cup. Desires, romance, memories of the past, relaxation, gifts, pleasure, sex and attraction. Mature appreciation, developed tastes, social gatherings, birthdays, children and loved ones. Reversed: Envy, spoiled relationships between relatives, dog in the manger behavior in relationships, a refusal to let go. Selfish or adolescent behavior.


Images Copyright 1995 Elizabeth Hazel