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This deck is done in "Mexican grotesque art style." It is a riot of colors and imagery. Flowers, leaves, fruit, stars, stripes and shapes of every type crowd the borders of each scene.  The bottom half of some of the people are animals, and most have large, luminous eyes. Snakes are a recurring image. The scenes are very detailed, and the colors are bright. The cards measure 2 7/8" X 5". The art style will not appeal to everyone, but I like it. The images remind me of Panamanian Molas.

The Major Arcana have the traditional names. They are not numbered. The card name is in the bottom border of the card. While the images give an occasional nod to the traditional Major Arcana scenes, they have a unique look. The suits are Wands, Cups, Swords and Coins. The court consists of King, Queen, Knight and Princess. The Minor Arcana are highly decorated pips. The artist was an art therapist who specialized in "imagination therapy." She states that she created the deck while in a trance state, hence the name. The cards do have an otherworldly look.

The little booklet that comes with the deck describes the artist's creative process and describes how to put yourself in a light trance state. The Major Arcana section provides a meaning for each card and a section called "imagination." The imagination section is a brief visualization exercise. The section on the Minor Arcana provides brief upright and reversed meanings. The meanings are traditional for the most part, though some of the meanings are not. Instructions for the Celtic Cross Spread are given.

I recommend this deck for those looking for a colorful additional to their tarot deck collection. The wild fantasy-like quality of the art may make this deck useful for meditation, though the myriad shapes and colors may prove distracting to some.

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Tarot of the Trance
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