Tarot Torso Part II - A Collaborative Tarot Project

Several weeks ago I decorated a paper-mache torso with an image from the Fool card and sent it on a whirlwind tour to be further embellished by other artists. I am thrilled with the final results. 

My torso returned with a beautiful fringed cape and garment. They are decorated with all manner of trinkets.




It also came back with a sack full of treasures and a wonderful hand-made booklet that documents its travels.










The back now has another wonderful Fool image.


Should you ever get a chance to participate in a collaborative art project, take it and try a tarot theme. Even people who are not familiar with tarot come up with wonderful ideas. All I included was a brief description of the card's meaning and the other participants took it and ran with it. I am very pleased with the results and look forward to the next torso exchange. Maybe I'll do the Magician.


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