Tarot Torso

My work with collage has led me to the world of collaborative collage projects. In these projects art is passed around to several people in a group. Each participant adds something to the piece. One of the projects I have signed up for is a torso project. Paper-mache torsos are decorated and passed around. I decided to use a Tarot theme -- surprise!  Here is how it looks today - the day I am sending it to the first person in our group. When I get it back several weeks from now I will also show you the end result.

torso.jpg (28751 bytes)

The image is a scan from a B.O.T.A. deck that I colored using colored pencil. I enhanced the scanned version a bit with colored markers, primarily to make the red more intense. Some of the participants know little or nothing about tarot. I will send some meanings for the Fool card and see what the other participants come up with. Sarah Ovenall, creator of the Victoria Regina Tarot is also participating. However, she is in another group. Her torso is quite beautiful.