Passages of the Month

October 2005 by Phyllis Curott (The Love Spell)

September 2005 by Lee Bursten

August 2005 by Sue Monk Kidd (The Mermaid Chair)

July 2005 by Stacey Fingerle

June 2005 by Alice Hoffman (The Ice Queen)

April 2005 by Laurie Amato (Tarot Insights)

March 2005 by Nanci Griffith ("A Simple Life")

February 2005 by Mitch Albom (Five People You Meet in Heaven)

January 2005 by Sara Lewis (Second Draft of My Life)

December 2004 by Chritra Banerjee Divakaruni (Queen of Dreams)

November 2004 by Sholom Aleichem (Tevye Wins a Fortune)

October 2004 by Theodore Roszak (Fool's Cycle, Full Cycle: Reflections on the Great Trumps of the Tarot)

September 2004 by Melinda Ribner (Kabbalah Month by Month)

August 2004 by Chava Rosenfarb (Bociany)

July 2004 by Judith Merkle Riley (In Pursuit of the Green Lion)

June 2004 by Leigh McCloskey (Tarot ReVISIONed)

April 2004 by Ray Bradbury

March 2004 by Nick Hornby (Songbook)

February 2004 by Paul Simon ("Father and Daughter")

January 2004 by Wu-Tang Clan ("Ghostface Killah")

December 2003 by Nigel Pennick (Way of Natural Magic)

November 2003 by C.S. Lewis (The Magician's Nephew)

October 2003 by P.G. Wodehouse (Brinkley's Manor)

September 2003 by Pema Chodron (Start Where You Are)

August 2003 by Carl Japikse (Exploring the Tarot)

July 2003 by J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

June 2003 by Mary Greer (Tarot for Your Self, Revised Edition - Preface)

April 2003 by Ellen Uecker (Through the Tarot Looking Glass in Search of Self)

March 2003 by Valerie Worth (Gypsy Gold)

February 2003 by Carl Sargent (Personality, Divination and the Tarot)

January 2003 by Riccardo Minetti (The Fey Tarot)

December 2002 by Lynn Miller (The Fool's Journey)

November 2002 by Anthony Louis (Tarot Plain and Simple)

October 2002 by Rachel Pollack (The Forest of Souls)

September 2002 by Anonymous (Valentin Tomberg) (Meditations on the Tarot)

August 2002 by Chrissie Blaze (Workout for the Soul)

July 2002 by Madeline Montalban (Prediction Book of the Tarot)

June 2002 by Robert O'Neill 

May 2002 by Isabel Radow Kliegman (Tarot and the Tree of Life)

April 2002 by Tom Tadfor Little  

March 2002 by Stephan A. Hoeller (The Royal Road: A Manual of Kabalistic Meditations on the Tarot)

February 2002 by Howard Sasportas (Direction and Destiny in the Birth Chart)

January 2002 by Wald Amberstone (from an interview in Celebrating the Tarot)

December 2001 by Charles Williams (The Greater Trumps)

November 2001 by Judy Markey (The Daddy Clock)

October 2001 by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld (The Alchemy of Possibility)

September 2001 by Caitlin Johnson (Tarot for Every Day)

August 2001 by dt king

July 2001 by Alan Moore (Promethea Comic, No. 12)

June 2001 by Angeles Arrien/James Wanless (Wheel of Tarot: A New Revolution)

May 2001 by Niki de Saint Phalle

April 2001 by Lawrence Schimel (Tarot Fantastic)

March 2001  by Giovanni Guareschi (Don Camillo and the Flower Children)

February 2001 by Liz Greene (The Luminaries)

January 2001 by Phillip Pullman (The Amber Spyglass)

December 2000 by Kay Steventon (The Spiral Tarot)

November 2000 by Lon Milo DuQuette (Tarot of Ceremonial Magick)

October 2000 by Jody Shields (The Fig Eater)

September 2000 by Jason Lotterhand (The Thursday Night Tarot)

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