The Oracle of the Goddess   
Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
Saint Martins Press    ISBN: 0-312-19179-0        $27.95

Aphrodite: Goddess of Affection
Artemis: Goddess of Discernment
Atlantia: Goddess of Unexpected
Brigit: Goddess of Communication
Eurzulie: Goddess of Sensitivity
Freyja: Goddess of Leadership
Diviana: Goddess of Protection
Hekat: Goddess of Mysteries
Lakshmi: Goddess of Wisdom
Pasowee: Goddess of Endurance
Romi Kumu: Goddess of Willpower
Tai Yuan: Goddess of Duality

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Art and excerpts 2000 Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
Page 2000 Diane Wilkes