My Stuff

I'll bet you're wondering where I store all this stuff. I have a large cabinet from Germany in my living room. It is called a schrank, which means "cabinet" in German. It is nine feet wide and six feet, three inches tall. It has lots of doors and shelves. You can see it below. Overflow ends up in my study. I keep duplicates, decks I have reviewed but not posted and decks I plan to review next in my study. My desk is too messy to take a picture of now. Maybe later.

Some of my collage decks are kept in this small trunk.

Italian Decks are on the right side of the top section.

U.S. Games decks in alphabetical order and Japanese decks are on the left side of the top section.

Some Tarot books. Some more Tarot Book (same bookshelf - bottom shelves)

There are three bottom sections that I use to store deck/book sets. Here is one of them.

Most decks in bags are kept in this basket.

These are things that show through the glass doors.

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