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Manteia was the best Tarot Magazine ever published. It was published for several years as a hard copy magazine. The publisher, primary writer, layout artist, distributor and chief bottle washer is K. Frank Jensen. He has what is believed to be the largest collection of 20th century Tarot decks in the world*. This magazine was well known among die hard Tarot collectors. Jensen could always be counted upon to find several new and not commonly available decks. He could be also be counted upon to provide a totally unbiased and often biting commentary on Tarot decks, Tarot books, Tarot publishers and the Tarot community in general. This issue is no exception.

Manteia was produced in Denmark, and the number of subscriptions did not keep pace with rising postal rates so it was discontinued. This issue, called the Manteia Courier, was written for distribution to former subscribers to the magazine who expressed an interest in receiving it. When I got my copy in Adobe format I asked if I could post it on my site so that a wider audience could have access to this legendary publication. Jensen graciously agreed. I hope and pray that he produces additional issues in the future and allows me to post those as well.

To read the Manteia Courier you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. The file itself is 1.2MB so it will take a few minutes to download. It is formatted for European paper (A4) so if you print it, you will find that the pages are longer than your 8 1/2" X 11" paper.

If you like Manteia, please take a minute to let Frank know. Maybe it will encourage him to produce future copies.

To download the Manteia Courier (zipped) Click Here

If you have a fast modem and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed you can read it on-line by clicking here. 


* The number and types of items in his collection are listed in the magazine.


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