Maninni III



Major Arcana

Fool by Jane Laird

Magician by Sarah Ovenall

High Priestess by Valerie and Tiffany

Empress by Scotty

Emperor by Susan Marquis

The Lovers by Lisa Rush

Hermit by Sally Turlington

Wheel of Fortune by Ken Packer - Fletcher

Justice by Mauri Stott

Death by Kathy Weir

The Devil by Bonne de Blas

Moon by Taylor Wondries

Sun by Bonnie Cehovet

Judgment by Nina Lee Braden




Ace of Wands by Bob O'Neill

Two of Wands by Joey

Three of Wands by Mauri Stott

Four of Wands by Nina Lee Braden

Five of Wands by Jeanne

Six of Wands by Michele

Eight of Wands by Diane Wilkes

Ten of Wands by Bonne de Blas

Page of Wands by Moonchild

Knight of Wands by Jane Laird


Ace of Cups by Bronwen Genetti

Three of Cups by Kathy Weir

Six of Cups by Taylor Wondries

Seven of Cups by Kathy Weir

Eight of Cups by Kimberly Schwartz

Princess of Cups by Sarah Ovenall

Prince of Cups by Tom Tadfor Little


Ace of Swords by Valerie and Tiffany

Three of Swords by Diane Wilkes

Four of Swords by Lisa Rush

Six of Swords by Ken Packer - Fletcher

Eight of Swords by Joan Iris

Nine of Swords by Crystal Sage

Ten of Swords by Michele

Princess of Swords by Alexandra Genetti

Prince of Swords by Jeanne

Queen of Swords by Susan W. Marquis

King of Swords by Bob O'Neill


Ace of Pentacles by Kimberly Schwartz

Two of Pentacles by Gavin Pugh

Four of Pentacles by Tom Tadfor Little

Six of Pentacles by Scotty

Seven of Pentacles by Gaelen Genetti

Nine of Pentacles by Alexandra Genetti

Ten of Pentacles by Sally

Page of Pentacles by Joey

Princess of Pentacles by Joan Iris