2000 Holiday Tarot Gift Giving Ideas -- From Diane "Tarot-holic" Wilkes to You

This is the time of the year when you might want to buy your tarot friend or soul mate a gift.  You probably have already been provided with an extensive wish-list from the tarot-lover in your life, but on the off-chance you want something really unusual or spectacular, I have a unique suggestion for every budget--all of which support the tarot community, which is my idea of the holiday spirit.

If you're looking for the financial equivalent of a stocking-stuffer, homemade tarot bags are always a winner.  Can you ever have too many?  There are numerous people in the tarot community who sell tarot bags--and there so many different kinds and styles and fabrics, you are sure to find one to suit you.  I can personally recommend:

Tarot Totes - Betty's prices are great, as are the huge range of fabrics from which you can choose.  Bags close with a drawstring ending with a wonderfully fluffy tassel.  Keep it away from your cats!

You might still be able to get some in time for Christmas...though Yule is probably pushing it...

Kimaginings - Kim Danbert offers several styles of bags...

Crystal Moon Mystical Crafts - Crystal Sage (Tapestry Magazine) has made more of my tarot bags than anyone.  She says I'm her best customer.  I chose her to make the bags that went with the Storyteller Tarot because I love the silk-linings and individual touches, like glass, not plastic, beads on the ribbon drawstrings

Janet  sells envelope-style bags made of drapery fabric and lined in satin.  They are secured with a snap--very chic.

You may know Valerie Sim-Behi as Comparative Tarot's List Owner Extraordinaire or as a frequent contributor to Tarot Passages.  But she also makes lovely lined bags with a similar drawstring to Betty's--she probably lets her cats play with the tassel, though--the little cats anyway.


Okay...you want something a little more substantial.   I received an early Christmas tarot gift from my friend Geraldine Amaral.  It isn't easy to find something tarot-related that I don't already know about, but she did it, with a hand-painted mug by Clarice Sedgley.  This isn't one of those mall replica mugs.  On one side was a lovely version of the Illuminated Tarot's Strength, on the other, the title of the card.  I spoke with the artist today, and she said she would be willing to do cards from any deck.  She has done other tarot art using the Voyager, Motherpeace, and Rider decks on tiles and vases as well.  You can email her for information regarding prices and tarot selections--prices begin at $30 and range in relation to the complexity of the art you wish Clarice to re-create in her own, fabulous style.


Okay, you say.  Mugs and bags are all very nice, but I just won the lottery (or got a great seasonal bonus, or...)  You must know of something extra-special, right?

Right.  Arnell Ando (Transformational Tarot, Hero's Journey Tarot, Storyteller Tarot) is now creating a limited amount of Miniature Tarot Shops.  I bought myself one for my birthday AND Christmas/Chanukkah/Yule.  You wouldn't believe the amount of detail and cool creative things Arnell comes up with for the store--tiny tarot books and decks, mini-crystal balls, medicine sticks (!), candles and an adorable little Ouija board...This is the ne plus ultra in tarot indulgences...See more for yourself here--but be warned--all this fabulous art doesn't come cheap.


If you know of any rare and/or unusual tarot items...please let me know.  My wish-list always has room for something really unique!

May your wish-list items be fulfilled (or is that filled?)...Happy holidays!


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