The Elemental Tarot CD-ROM

This recently released CD features the Elemental Tarot Deck. This program can be used for readings or individual study. This program has one of the most attractive interfaces I have seen in a tarot program so far. The opening page gives you the following choices:

The book contains the entire text of the book written specifically for this deck. The pages are attractive and can easily be scrolled forward and back. The book is broken down by chapters, saving time if you are looking for a specific topic. The Spreads section has 6 spreads:

  1. Astrological - a 12 house spread
  2. Celtic Cross - the classic 10 card
  3. Planetary - a seven card spread using the Ptolemian planets
  4. Elemental - a five card pentacle spread
  5. Three Card Spread
  6. Card for the day

The spreads are beautifully laid out on a drawn background. When you go into the spread section, the screen shows five images. You are directed to choose the image that most closely corresponds with the subject of your question. Once you choose, the image is enlarged to fill the screen and remains there for meditation until you click the image. Once you click the image, the spread form comes up and cards are automatically dealt into each position. If you like you can click the "Deal" button and a new set of cards is dealt in. The cards are dealt in face down and as you move the pointer to a card and click it, it turn right side up, and the position meaning and card interpretation appear in a section to the right of the layout. The card's astrological correspondences also appear. You can click on the card once it is right side up with your left mouse button for a detailed interpretation and the right mouse button for an astrological interpretation. There is a small graph called an "Element Counter" that shows you which suits were most or least prevalent in the spread. This is a feature found in most astrology programs as well. The spread can be printed out and one nice touch is that the printed version will be on a white background, vice the blue\green background of the screen. this saves colored ink, and the end result looks just as nice. The printed spread will not have any interpretations, but each card will be printed in color just as it appears in the layout. There is room on the printed spread to write comments and notes. Unfortunately, there is no way to save your spreads on disk for future use.

The symbols section is a full color version of the symbols section provided in the book. 72 different symbols are illustrated and defined. The Cards section allows one to read about individual cards in detail. Again, two sets of interpretations are provided: Divinatory and Astrological. One gets the divinatory interpretation by clicking on the left mouse button and the astrological by clicking on the right mouse button.

The Cards section allows you to choose the suit you wish to work with, or the Major Arcana. Once you choose the suit you want to work with, all of the cards from that suit appear on the screen. You can click on individual cards for their interpretations. There is also a section on numbers that describes the qualities or each number. This section would be useful for study and\or meditation.

The easy to use interface and uncluttered appearance of the screens, combined with the beautiful artwork, make this program a pleasure to work with. Of the Tarot programs I currently own, it is by far the most pleasing to the eye. Despite the graphic intensity of the program, I found it runs quickly and smoothly. On the negative side, this program does not have many of the features we have grown accustomed to in Tarot programs, such as the ability to save spreads with notes, and the ability to add to or change interpretations.

The program is beautifully packaged in a two piece box, with the CD in a separate case inside. A bonus is the inclusion of blank spread forms for all of the spreads in the program. These forms can be used to record your non-computer readings. I would recommend this program for anyone who uses the Elemental deck. The program could be used as an aid to study, or to to do readings.

You can get more information about the deck and the CD, including ordering information here. You can download a demo version of this program here.

The Elemental Tarot CD-ROM by Caroline Smith and John Astrop

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