Comparative Tarot Collaborative Deck III -- Organized by Brigit Horner and Chris Asselin

This deck is a collaborative effort by the members of the Comparative Tarot e-list. You can find out more about that list here.





Major Arcana

The Fool by Leslie Warner                                    
The Magician by Joanna Colbert                          
The High Priestess by Gail                 
The Empress  by Kevin Quigley                   
The Emperor by Michele Jackson                           
The Hierophant by Chris Asselin  
The Lovers by Morwenna Morasch
The Chariot by Shari (Webweaver)
Strength by Brigit Horner
Justice 2 by Rickey Hite (Gazer)
The Hermit by Diane Turek
The Wheel of Fortune by Kimberly Schwartz
Justice by Morwenna Morasch
Strength 2 by Michele Jackson
The Hanged Man by Deb Richardson
Death by Gretchen Hayes
Temperance by Janet Boggia
The Devil by Kathy
The Tower by Leslie Cochran
The Star by Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov
The Moon by Hyndla Kensdottir
The Sun by Runa Wyrdraven
Judgment by Becky
The World by Julie Zaccone Stiller

Minor Arcana


Ace by Saskia Jansen                   Six by Sally Anne Stephen               Page by Gail
Two by Rachel Nguyen                 Seven by Peter Cowen                     Knight by Karen Brighton    
Three by Chris Asselin                 Eight by Runa Wyrdraven               Queen by Carmen Schweitzer
Four by Arcana Lefait                   Nine by Traci Darin                         King by Tracy Hite
Five by Gretchen Hayes               Ten by Tracy Hite


Ace by Judith Burke                      Six by Michelle                                Page by Maaike Fest
Two by Lee Capello                       Seven by Nanette Furman               Knight by Azraelstar Cat    
Three by Yvonne Rathbone          Eight by Diane Wilkes                    Queen by Fireseeker
Four by James Wells                     Nine by Samantha Kocsis               King by Maria Kruse
Five by Kevin Quigley                  Ten by Msesheta


Ace by Tony Neff                          Six by Lisa                                       Page by Maria Kruse
Two by Valerie Sim                       Seven by Janet Selman                   Knight by Lorena Moore    
Three by M.A. Griffiths               Eight by Kevin Quigley                   Queen by Gerald Naylor
Four by Mark McElroy                Nine by Sherryl Woods                   King by Batia
Five by Ruth Vertrees                  Ten by Lorena Moore  


Ace by Yvonne Rathbone             Six by Gerald Naylor                        Page by Jean Hutter
Two by Moonchild                         Seven by James Wells                     Knight by Gary Oppenhuis  
Three by Kalimoooo                      Eight by Arnell Ando                       Queen by Deb Richardson
Four by Karen                                Nine by Alma Puissegur                  King by Elizabeth Owen
Five by Traci Darin                        Ten by Sally Anne Stephen

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