Comparative Tarot Collaborative Tarot Deck II

This project was completed in record time, due to the expert and firm leadership of Sally Anne Stephen and Paula Gibby, who organized this collaborative deck project for the Comparative Tarot Email List.


Major Arcana                

Fool by Laura Jackson                       Chariot by Ccili                            Temperance by Stacey Truman
Magician by Dana                              Strength by Shannon                     Devil by Mark McElroy
High Priestess
by S.A. Stephen          Hermit by Cynthia S. Latton          Tower by Azraelstar Cat
Empress by Troi                                Wheel by Alma Puissegur              Star by Jayne Speich
Emperor by Batia Erlich                     Justice by Dami                            Moon by Dirk Gillabel
Hierophant by Runa WyrdRaven        Hanged Man by Annie Steele       Sun by Carol Herzer
Lovers by Happy Hardy                    Death by Michele Jackson            Judgement by Olde Wolf 

The World by Mari Hoshizaki

Minor Arcana


Ace by Jayne Speich                       Six by Paula Gibby                          Page by Tom Tadfor Little
Two by Alma Puissegur                   Seven by Lilith                                Knight by Elizabeth Cherry Owen
Three by Gail Silverbranch               Eight by Ccili                                  Queen by Winter Wren
Four by Mark McElroy                   Nine by Joan Cole                          King by Julie Zaccone Stiller 
Five by Michelle                              Ten by Alexandra Genetti


Ace by Arnell Ando                        Six by Janet Selman                        Page by Mari Hoshizaki
Two by Sherryl Smith                     Seven by Sally Anne Stephen          Knight by Alma Puissegur & S. Stephen
Three by Chris Asselin                    Eight by Winter Wren                     Queen by Dana
Four by Carol Herzer                      Nine by Judy Sidonie Tillinger        King by Annie Steele
Five by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince            Ten by Karen Emanuelson


Ace by Lorena B. Moore                Six by Traci and David                   Page by Kathy Weir
Two by Dirk Gillabel                       Seven by Ken Packer-Fletcher       Knight by Shannon
Three by Kimberly Schwartz           Eight by Connie Walters                 Queen by Paula Gibby
Four by Maerin                               Nine by Valerie Sim-Behi               King by Betty Diamond
Five by Runa WyrdRaven                Ten by Batia Erlich


Ace by Diane Wilkes                       Six by Lorena Moore                    Page by Janet Selman
Two by Mark McElroy                   Seven by Kimberly Schwartz         Knight by Cynthia Latton
Three by Alexandra Genetti             Eight by Tom Tadfor Little             Queen by Michele Jackson
Four by Lilith                                   Nine by Valerie Sim-Behi              King by Karen Emanuelson
Five by Connie Walters                   Ten by Gail Silverbranch