Creating a New Major Arcana by Rachel Pollack

Rachel Pollack's presentation was one of the more experiential. She started by writing out a traditional 3 X 7 pattern for the Major Arcana.

I - VII Fundamental

VIII - XIV Personal

XV - XXI Transpersonal

Instead of starting with the Magician and working through to the World, she let the deck determine its own pattern. Using her Shining Woman Tarot deck, she pulled a card as the first step - it was the Chariot, and rather than start the sequence with the Magician, we started with the insights of the Chariot as the first step. The next card we pulled was the Devil. Our New Major Arcana's first path was from the Chariot to the Devil. The audience was asked to provide the insights and interpretations on what each step in the pattern represented. It was really quite an eye opener. Linking cards that we do not normally think of as being connected forces you to look at each card in a new way. Trying to explain a transpersonal card in terms of the personal, for example, is good mental exercise. The insights the audience came up with were very interesting. This is an exercise that you can do yourself at any time with any deck.

Copyright 1997 Michele Jackson