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If at all possible, attend a class by Arnell Ando. Her lectures were the genesis for the Jumble Dance Tarot and the Evolving Tarot. I guarentee you will leave with the information and enthusiasm needed to make your own deck. Alexandra Genetti also teaches classes on creating and/or coloring your own deck. 

Arnell Ando's Useful Tips on Making Your Own Collage Deck

More Useful Tips on Making Your Own Collage Deck

How I made My Collage Deck - Materials and Step by Step Instructions

The Faerie Queene Tarot Deck - Michele Jackson's Dover Book tarot deck

Another article on creating your own deck - Neuro-Tarot


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Books on Creating Your Own Tarot Deck

There are books on creating your own Tarot deck: Inspiration Tarot by Gail Fairfield and Patti Provo and Creating Your own Tarot Cards by Nancy Garen. Look for reviews on both in the next few weeks. Tarot For Your Self by Mary Greer also has a section on Designing Your Own Deck.

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Articles About Collaging a Personal Tarot Deck

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