Court Cards as Attitudes by Norma Cowie

The second presentation I attended was Norma Cowie's interesting lecture on Court Cards. Ms. Cowie sees the court cards as attitudes, or habits of behavior and response. She interprets them as pointer cards or symbols. She began her talk by covering some ground rules. She uses the Waite-Smith deck and does not use reversals. She looks to the symbols on the cards as an aid to their interpretations. For example, the Page of Wands has Salamanders on his tunic, but only some of them are in a closed circle, with their tails in their mouths. This indicates immaturity as opposed to the Salamanders on the King of Wands, which are all closed. Cowie's approach views the court cards as pertaining to the querent vice representing other people in the querent's life. The lecture described the symbolism on each court card by suit, and then gave some general guidelines for each member of the court.

Ms. Cowie displayed considerable knowledge of symbolism, which she feels is important to interpretation. Her interpreting the court cards solely as attitudes of the querent is non-traditional, but she seems to have had good results with it. In discussion after the lecture, some listeners found her approach somewhat simplistic and dogmatic. Certainly, limiting the interpretations to the querent makes interpretation easier. I found her approach interesting and plan to experiment with it and see how it works.

You can find more information on Norma Cowie here.

Copyright 1997 Michele Jackson