Tarot and Astrological Consultations 

In addition to visiting my office in the Philadelphia, PA area for an in-person tarot or astrological consultation, you can now receive professional tarot readings with me via telephone, email, standard mail, and online. I also do readings in Elkins Park, PA by appointment only. You can read about my tarot background and credentials here, as well as testimonials from my clients.

The marriage of tarot and story is a natural one, with as many plots, themes, and characters as there are card combinations. Both mirror our lives with profound, symbolic illustrations that evoke an archetypal response in all of us.

Because I started to read—and read the cards—when I was very young, I feel like I’ve come home every time I shuffle the cards and settle into connection with the person sitting across the table.

The world of books has always been a personal oasis. I integrate personal and literary anecdotes into my readings and seminars, drawing clients and students into a place where they can be inspired to create a workable and rewarding plot for their lives that contains both choices and goals.

Experience, my mental library, and offbeat sense of humor break through barriers and facilitate open and soul-deep communication. Clients and students describe my readings, workshops and classes as uplifting, giving them faith in themselves and the future, along with the tools to implement long-desired changes.

I use the tarot primarily as a multi-level instrument to assess and explore your personal and professional concerns.  My focus is not predictive, but I can't deny that the tarot is an oracle, as well as a tool for self-assessment and self-help.  You may want to peruse some of my sample tarot readings to see if my approach appeals to you.

If you would like to schedule a reading with me, please email me with your question or concern.  If you feel comfortable doing so, please include some background information about your question.  Providing background information isn't mandatory;  some readers prefer to have no prior information before a consultation.   I find that I can address your needs best and give you more specific information when I have as complete an understanding of your issues as possible.  I compare it to a visit to the doctor--you can go in and say, "Make me well," but it will be more helpful to both of you if you give him or her some clues as to the disorder.  The more specific you are, the more specific I can be in return.

If you choose the option of a telephone reading, the cost of the call itself is free as long as you live in the United States.  I will record the reading on cassette, as I do in my in-person readings, and will mail you the cassette free of charge.

Individual tarot readings cost $100 an hour, $55 for half an hour.  I will do your reading within a week of receiving your payment.

You can also contact me if you are interested in a reader for parties or large events. I can provide additional professional and capable readers as needed. Rates vary.

Initial astrological consultations are approximately 90 minutes long and are $200.  Follow up transit readings are approximately an hour long and cost $150. These are only available in-person, via telephone, or on cassette--I don't do astrological consults by standard mail or email.  They are always taped for your benefit.  Astrological consultations need to be scheduled two weeks in advance.

All readings are by appointment only.


If you are interested in my doing a tarot workshop in your area, please contact me

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