Tarot Correspondence Courses - Article by Michele Jackson

Several Tarot correspondence courses are available. This is not a review of the course materials, merely some information about courses of which I am aware.  These courses are available on line, or else I have them in whole or in part in my possession. If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask. If you have a correspondence course you would like to see included here, please contact me.

American Tarot Association (ATA) Correspondence Courses

Price: Free to members

Deck: Students choose their own decks as long as they are Tarot decks and not some other form of divination deck. If in doubt, ask.

The ATA offers certification to tarot readers based on the successful completion of its correspondence courses. The certification is done by the Tarot Certification Board, which is independent of the ATA. The most basic course qualifies one as a Certified Apprentice Tarot Reader. This course requires the student to learn a key word for each card in the deck; learn a three card or larger spread; read at least one book on Tarot; keep a diary of Tarot readings and pass an examination, including several taped readings (three for the apprentice exam, five for reader exam). Students who successfully complete the course receive a certificate of completion. The student can continue to take courses leading to certification as a Tarot Reader, Tarot Master, and Tarot Instructor. Courses progress in scope as the student advances with later courses covering Qabala and the Tree of Life. Students are assigned a mentor while working on courses. The mentor is available to answer questions and to assist the student in completing the course.

More information about the ATA correspondence courses can be obtained from: The ATA Homepage

Tarot for Self Discovery by Nina-Lee Braden

Price: Free on-line ($5.00 per lesson for homework review if desired)

Deck: Waite-Smith or one of its clones is recommended, but will work with most decks

Nina-Lee Braden's Correspondence Course is available on-line at her web site Moonstruck. It consists of eight lessons designed to be done at the rate of one per week. The course covers the all of basics including Tarot history, theories on how and why the Tarot works, book recommendations, spreads, exercises and in-depth card studies. Each assignment has homework, which can be reviewed and commented on by Nina-Lee if desired.

Tarot for Self Discovery can be obtained here.

The Tarot School Correspondence Course

Price: $10.00 per month

Deck: Written for the Rider-Waite (Waite-Smith) deck

The Tarot School is a New York City based school that has been offering Monday night Tarot classes for 3 1/2years. They have recently began a correspondence course which is based on, but not limited to their classroom work. The monthly lessons, which average 20 pages each, cover both the Major and Minor Arcana. Each lesson can be worked at the student's own pace and at their own level of understanding. Both esoteric and divinatory information are provided. Students can correspond with the instructors. Certification is available at the completion of the first year of the course.

More information about the Tarot School course can be obtained from The Tarot School

Voyager Tarot Course (Star Tree Correspondence Course)

Price: $125.00 without Certification ($300.00 with Certification)

Deck: Voyager Tarot Deck

This 400+ page course covers all aspects of the Voyager Tarot deck. It provides in depth information on each card as well as a multitude of spreads and exercises. If certification is desired, lessons must be sent in and critiqued by James Wanless. Wanless' system associates the Minor Arcana cards with the Major Arcana card of the same number, and the course is taught from that point of view. Upon completion with the certification option, the student is certified as a Voyager Tarot Consultant. Higher level certification courses are available but not by correspondence.

More information about the Voyager Correspondence Course can be obtained from: The Voyager Tarot Homepage


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