About me:

Diane Wilkes conceived of and wrote the book for Storyteller Tarot, a Majors- Only tarot deck that correlates each of the Major Arcana to a story.  In addition to being webmistress of Tarot Passages, she conducts tarot workshops around the country and teaches tarot in the Philadelphia, PA area. She also maintains an astrological and tarot practice.  She has a Master's Degree in English, has been published in numerous magazines, and has been reading the cards for over 30 years. She is presently working on her second book, Tell Me a Tarot Story: Using the Tarot as a Tool for Creativity and developing the cards and writing the book for the Jane Austen Tarot. She is a Certified Tarot Grand Master.

About my readings -- Testimonials:

"Diane’s insights are remarkable, and the wisdom and advice through the tarot readings has facilitated much positive change in my life. I am most grateful!" – Rise K., Psychologist, PA

"Just wanted to thank you for the great reading, and let you know how "on target" your observations were.  First, I have had my cards read many times, until now, all in person with the reader. All the other readings, until yours, have just been a cross between cold reading someone, and having a mild understanding of the cards.  Since I read tarot cards myself, and completely believe in their power, I can be very skeptical about readers, what they do, and what they are charging.  I have been reading Tarot Passages for quite a while, and loved your reading style, and truly had some questions that I wanted a non-biased opinion on, which is why I emailed you.  I was not disappointed…Thanks again, you are a fantastic tarot reader!" – Stuart M., AL

"Wow. Not only is the reading right on -- in every aspect, it is also very helpful and instructive. This resonates very deeply so I thank you for collaborating with spirit in getting the message to me. As the cards acknowledge, I am paying attention."  – Michael H., WI

"I am SO GLAD that I turned to you for a reading rather than just to have done a reading for myself.  [I]t was tremendously helpful…I really couldn't BE more satisfied with the reading and I'll turn to you again when I need clarification on something in my life.  I thank you so much for your help and insight.  I loved the reading and will lay out those particular cards and think about them again." – Dora B., CA


About my classes -- Testimonials:

" Taking a class with Diane is a joy!  She presents the tarot in an easy, accessible, and fun way that is both insightful and intelligent. Her love and knowledge of her subject shines through her teaching and her classes are well planned and will offer something to students of all levels. I've taken many tarot classes and Diane's by far was the best!" -- Diane T., New Jersey

"This class met my expectations and more...I enjoyed every minute." -- Jean H., New Jersey

"Diane is an excellent teacher, extremely encouraging and motivating. I learned a ton and feel more confident as a reader." -- Brigit H., New Jersey

"This class is an enlightenment...It inspires one to keep going." -- Chris S., New Jersey

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