Reading with the Animal Wise Tarot by Valerie Sim-Behi

Question: What can be learned from the upcoming full moon cycle?

The three cards I drew from Animal Wise in a simple Past-Present-Future spread were:

1) Cougar- Knight of Four-Leggeds
2) Chickadee - 4 of Winged Ones
3) Woodpecker - Ace of Winged Ones

Cougar is "Coming into our own Power". This is something that I have felt secure with more and more of lately, not in a cocky or over-confident way, but as with the silent padded footsteps of one of North America's most 
respected predators. Cougar was admired for his silent strength and supple power by the Native American cultures with whom he shared forests, mountains and plains. Even today, Cougar has persevered on the innermost fringes of the *civilization* that has resulted in the near extinction of many other creatures.

Chickadee stands for "Seeking the Inner Truth" This moon is a special time for that. As a double Pisces, this is something I find especially comfortable and invigorating. I am never more comfortable than when going inward... Doing so within a supportive like-minded group is a shared song of the soul.

Woodpecker is "Unique New Rhythms of Success"... we have all heard this guy. His *song* is like no other in the forest! To hear him is to know the joy and individuality of sheer existence. He is an individualist. He expresses himself in a unique way. And with focused sight and attention, he moves forward on his *path*

I will be as Cougar, secure in my own inner strength and coming from a willingness to share my *harvest* with others....As Chickadee I will pause to *reflect* on what has gone before.  I will nourish my soul with silence and inner peace... 

And finally, as Woodpecker, I will move forward with clear vision, unafraid to tap out new rhythms within the continuing mysteries and joys of Life...Renewed and whole I will sing (tap!) my unique song.

Reading 2000 Valerie Sim-Behi
Page 2000 Diane Wilkes




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