April 2005 Spread of the Month

The South Park Self-Discovery Spread by Kim Colley


Card One:     Kyle - Your superego, your good side who always endeavors to do the right thing

Card Two:    Cartman - Your id, the bad seed, your dark side, your shadow

Card Three:   Kenny - What keeps dying in your life, or slipping through your fingers

Card Four:    Mr. Garrison - What you're in denial about

Card Five:    Chef - Your guide, your Higher Self

Card Six:      Timmy - What you have difficulty expressing

Card Seven:  Jimmy - How you really annoy people

Card Eight:   Stan - What you've learned, or can learn, about your situation

Kim Colley is an amateur Tarot reader and a professional South Park fan. 

Spread 2005 Kim Colley
Page 2005 Diane Wilkes