The I Have a Dream Tarot by Jean Hutter and Diane Wilkes

This deck came about because of a post on the Comparative Tarot e-list. In February of 2003, a participant compiled associations for a "Black History Tarot." I loved the idea, but came up with different choices and sent it to the list--and didn't think much more about it. Jean Hutter contacted me approximately six months later with the wish to actually create such a tarot based on my list, and we decided to work on it together.  We have completed 11 cards as of this writing.

We do not plan to sell the I Have a Dream Tarot as a deck, but we will be producing it as a spiral-bound book. Our plan is to have essays and interpretations for each card, as well as some original spreads--and color images of all the cards at the back of the book, so those who wish may cut them out and create a deck for themselves. If you are interested in purchasing this book, please email me, and I will add your name to a wait list. We hope to have the book completed by Christmas and will notify interested parties as soon as it is complete.

The images below are thumbprints of some of the originals:





Images 2004 Jean Hutter and Diane Wilkes