For many tarot readers and enthusiasts, the Court Cards can be the most puzzling ones to interpret in a reading. Are Pages messages or are they the querent's bratty younger siblings? How do you differentiate between the Knight of Swords and the Knight of Wands--they both move so fast! Just how sexist is it to have the King placed higher than the Queen? And what is with this outdated hierarchy--my clients aren't royalty!


Your clients may not live in palaces, but Mary K. Greer and Conclave constant star Rachel Pollack ARE Tarot Royalty. And we get to join their court as we come to recognize, know, love, and become the sixteen archetypal court cards.

We will begin on Friday night with a Court Cards Cocktail Party. You will inhabit a randomly selected Court Card that you choose upon entry and play that role until the end of the evening. There will even be prizes! The Saturday event will include Court Card-themed workshops from Mary, Rachel, and Diane Wilkes. Sunday will continue with our Court Card immersion with a special focus on Jungian aspects of the cards from Mary and insights on Court Cards as stages of Development from Rachel Pollack.


The Presenters:

Mary K. Greer   Bio to follow

Diane Wilkes is the author of the companion books and card descriptions for the Jane Austen and Storyteller Tarots, and is currently completing another book and card descriptions for the Anne of Green Gables Tarot. She is the webmistress of the Tarot Passages website and has written tarot reviews and articles for numerous publications. She has been reading tarot for 40+ years, and teaching tarot for the last 20; she has presented at international and local tarot conferences.




The Friday "tarot cocktail party" (with wine and desserts) will be free for participants. A pizza lunch is included with your workshop fee on Saturday. If you prefer to have lunch on your own, there are several restaurants nearby.

A simple continental breakfast will be provided on Sunday morning prior to the workshops.

There will be a Saturday night dinner for those who wish to gather together with the presenters and other participants. That event is not part of the registration fee, and event registrants will get all the details later.

Water, coffee and tea will be available on both days.

This exclusive event is limited to 25(!) people and is expected to sell out.

If you wish to attend the 2017 Tarot Conclave two-day event, there is an early registration rate of $240. After August 15th, the cost increases to $280.

There will be a selection of used and rare tarot decks for sale during workshop breaks for your perusing pleasure.

Click here to register:

Northeastern Tarot Conclave 2017

Friday October 6th to Sunday October 8th

Hatboro Union Library

243 South York Road, Hatboro, PA

The Royal Court Weekend

With Mary K. Greer


Diane Wilkes

Refund Policy: Complete refund (minus $25 for fees) until Sept. 12th, 2017

No refunds after 9/12/17. Enrollment is not transferable.

Queen of Swords image courtesy of Michelle Shelly Andres

Epiphanies Tarot


(email Diane for waiting list)