22 Steps to a Tarot Practice by Thea Bloom

Thea Bloom is one of the most successful Tarot readers in the Chicago area. She has a full time practice, located in an office building which she shares with several therapists, and is living the dream of many part time Tarot readers. Her presentation concerned the business aspects of a Tarot practice, from how to start a professional practice to handling the bookkeeping and taxes.

Bloom's presentation was based on the Major Arcana. She used each card to express a particular concept about running a successful practice. For example she used The Fool to illustrate the concept of "claiming the idea that this is what you do " or "making a Fool of yourself". She discussed the fact that a lot of readers are embarrassed or worried about what people will think when they say they are Tarot readers. She feels that this is a problem and that clients want to go to readers who are enthusiastic and excited about what they do. Another example was the Empress which was used as a focal point to discuss creating abundance and prosperity, and making your work space a "sanctuary of the senses". She went through all of the Majors this way and each concept was insightful and practical. As if this wasn't enough, Bloom has a great sense of humor which had the audience in stitches on more than one occasion.

Discussion of the pros and cons of working from your own home, advice on swapping your services for other services or goods, and how to handle skeptics as well as every other major aspect of running your own business were discussed. Thea recommended several books which she had found useful, and passed around samples of her pamphlets and tape covers. I have heard that they now teach a course in medical school on the business aspects of running a successful medical practice. This was the Tarot equivalent and the quality was worthy of an Ivy League school.

Review Copyright 1997 Michele Jackson

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